Nissan GT-R Experienced Body Shop

Collision Repair to Nissan’s Exacting Standards

If your Nissan GT-R endures collision damage, it requires technicians with the specific tools and specialized skills in the unique auto body repair procedures approved for the car’s advanced structure. Brennan Bodyworks is a collision center that meets and exceeds Nissan’s standards for GT-R auto body repairs. No other auto body repair shop in Central Florida understands the advanced engineering of your GT-R better than Brennan Bodyworks.

Brennan Bodyworks' technicians are highly experienced in Nissan GT-R collision damage. We have the required I-CAR training and Celette-based equipment and facility to properly repair damage to the GT-R’s unique body structure. You can be assured that we meet Nissan's most exacting standards for training, facility, equipment and tools, quality repairs and commitment to customer service.

At Brennan Bodyworks, Nissan GT-R collision damage repair includes:

  • Technicians with specific I-CAR certification in advanced GT-R auto body repair processes

  • Certified in repairs to steel, high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel

  • Only genuine Nissan GT-R parts with a factory warranty

  • Collision repair equipment and tools that exceed the GT-Rs strict requirements – Celette frame bench, Weilander & Schill, Garmat and Standox

  • 30-day follow up to recheck repairs and make any needed adjustments

When we undertake auto body repairs to your car, you can be sure of having it returned to the manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, we support you with a range of personalized services;

  • Pick up and towing by skilled specialists

  • Car rental assistance

  • Delivery and return to Nissan for needed mechanical repairs

  • Thorough detailing

  • 24-hour Sonitrol video security while your car is in our auto body repair shop

  • Complimentary local delivery

  • Professional, enclosed transportation no matter where you live in the U.S.

Your Nissan GT-R is a highly specialized vehicle, Repairs that are not performed using the correct procedures may result in your car not being repaired to its original standard of body integrity and performance. And the car may not provide the same safety margin if there is a subsequent collision.

Whether the problem is parking lot rash or major collision damage, you deserve the confidence and peace of mind you will get with Brennan Bodyworks Nissan GT-R collision repair specialists.


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