Complimentary Repair Inspection, No Obligation Estimate

Collision Damage Assessment

It takes an experienced eye to inspect the damage done to your car. In today's high-tech vehicles, often there are hidden problems with sensors, computers and equipment "under the skin". With our 30 years of experience, we know what to look for. We'll inspect your car in detail and give you an honest summary of what to expect - absolutely free.

Realistic Good Faith Estimates

Repairing auto body collision damage correctly takes time, expertise and quality parts. In most, we can determine a realistic estimate of all the parts needed and the time it will take to do repairs before work begins. At those rare times that something escapes even our thorough inspection, we notify you and the insurance company immediately to update your claim. You own a quality car. You deserve quality service. At Brennan's, we always aim to see you get it.

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